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Word List 7

Word List-7

Group 1
Archetype classic example of
Clemency mercy
Disinterested unbiased
Flout defy; reject
IngÈnue naÔve, unsophisticated person
Mendacious given to lying
Paucity shortage
Protean changeable
Sophomoric juvenile; immature
Venal corrupt; can be bribed
Group 2
Archives collections of old records; place of storage of old documents
ClichÈ overused expression; something unoriginal
Disparage criticize; belittle
Flustered worked-up; not calm
Ingrate ungrateful person
Mercenary concerned only with money
Peccadillo minor weakness; trivial offence
ProtÈgÈ person under protection of, or guided by another
Soporific inducing sleep
Veneer surface coating
Group 3
Articulate clear; lucid; eloquent
Clientele customers
Disparity an inequality
Fly-by-night unreliable; disreputable
Inimical hostile
Mercurial volatile; changeable
Pedant person who insists on strict adherence to rules or narrow learning
Protocol procedure; code of behavior
Sparse spare; bare; meager
Venerate revere; worship
Group 4
Artifice deception; trickery
Coalesce come together; merge
Dispassionate neutral; objective
Forensic concerned with argument or debate (esp. for legal evidence)
Innate inherited; inborn
Merge come together
Pedestrian common; mundane; banal
Provincial unsophisticated; narrow-minded
Specious false
Venial minor; unimportant
Group 5
Artisan craftsman
Coddle pamper; fuss over; indulge
Disseminating circulating; broadcasting; spreading (information)
Fortitude bravery
Innocuous harmless; inoffensive
Metaphorically symbolically; figuratively
Peerless without equal
Prudent cautious; wise
Speckled spotted; freckled; dotted
Veracity truthfulness
Group 6
Ascetic without luxuries; severely simple
Coercion force
Diurnal active in daytime
Fortuitous happening by chance
Innovate create; introduce something new
Meticulous very careful; painstaking
Pejorative derogatory
Puerile childish
Sporadic not continuous; intermittent
Verbose talkative; long-winded; rambling
Group 7
Assiduous thorough; diligent
Cogent lucid; well argued
Divert 1. entertain; 2. distract; 3. cause a detour
Fractious irritable; difficult to control
Inscrutable mysterious; impenetrable
Mettle courage; bravery; valor
Pellucid transparently clear
Punctilious paying attention to small details
Spurious false
Verbosity using too many words
Group 8
Assuage to calm
Cogitate think over something; ponder
Docile gentle and easily lead
Fraudulent fake; false
Insentient unfeeling
Milieu environment
Pensive in a thoughtful mood; thinking deeply
Purloin steal
Stagnant still; not moving
Vertigo dizziness

Group 9
Astute perceptive; sharp-witted
Collage picture made from fragments of other pictures
Dogmatic having stubbornly held opinions
Frivolous not serious
Insipid dull; bland; boring
Mire swamp; muddy ground
Penury poverty
Pusillanimous cowardly
Staid dull; sober; serious
Vestigial not developed

Group 10
Asylum place of refuge or safety
Collate arrange in order
Dolt stupid person
Frugal economical; not wasting anything
Instigate to start; provoke
Misanthrope hater of the rest of mankind
Perceptive observant
Pyromania compulsion to start fires
Stanza section of a poem
Vignette small sketch