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Word List 8

Word List-8

Group 1
Atheist person who does not believe in God
Colloquial local and informal (used of language)
Dotard foolish old man
Furrow groove
Instigator troublemaker; person who entices others to do something
Misnomer wrong name
Percipient perceptive; insightful
Quaff drink down quickly
Staunch loyal; faithful; dependable
Vilification blackening someone's name

Group 2
Atrophy waste away from lack of use
Collusion plotting and planning
Drawl speak slowly with words running together
Furtive hidden and secret
Insurgent a rebel
Misogynist hater of women
Perdition damnation
Quagmire marsh; bog
Stereotype fixed image
Vindicate prove right; remove blame

Group 3
Attenuate weaken
Commandeer take possession of
Drivel nonsense
Futile useless; hopeless
Interminable never-ending
Misrepresentation deliberately deceiving
Peremptory in a commanding manner
Quaint picturesque
Stevedore dockworker
Virtuoso an accomplished musician

Group 4
Augment increase; make bigger
Complacent self-satisfied; smug
Droll dryly amusing
Galleon ancient type of sailing ship
Intermittent sporadic; irregular
Mitigate lessen; make less severe
Perfidy treachery
Quandary dilemma; puzzle
Stifle suppress
Virulent dangerous; harmful

Group 5
Auspicious favorable; promising to turn out well
Compliant easy to control; submissive
Drone 1. monotonous noise (n); 2. to speak with no emotion (v); 3.male bee
Gambol frolic; leap; bound
Intransigence stubbornness
Modicum small amount
Perfunctory superficial; cursory
Quarantine isolation to prevent the spread of disease
Stoic known for fortitude; indifferent to pleasure or pain
Vital essential; alive; important

Group 6
Austere severely plain
Concatenate link together
Dubious doubtful
Garble distort; confuse; muddle
Intransigent stubborn; unyielding
Momentous very important
Peripatetic nomadic; moving from place to place
Quarry 1. something that is hunted; 2. mine for stone
Stoke add fuel to; strengthen
Vitriolic corrosive; strongly attacking

Group 7
Aversion a dislike of
Concatenation linking into chains
Dupe to fool someone
Garish gaudy
Intrepid brave
Monotonous dull; unvarying
Peripheral on the edge; not important
Querulous always complaining
Stolid impassive; dull; indifferent
Vivacity liveliness; animation

Group 8
Balk hinder and prevent; hesitate over
Conciliate to bring together; end a dispute
Dynamic lively; vibrant; energetic
Garner gather; collect
Inveterate habitual
Moratorium temporary prohibition or halt to activity
Perjury telling lies under oath
Quirk oddity
Stratagem plot; plan; trick
Vivify enliven

Group 9
Banal common; dull
Concise stated in few words
Ebullient very lively; cheerful; jovial; happy
Garrulous talkative
Invidious arousing envy
Moribund on the point of death
Pernicious destructive; harmful
Ramble wander aimlessly
Strident loud and harsh
Vociferous noisy; loud in speech

Group 10
Banality ordinariness; dullness
Condescend talk down to
Eccentric unusual; quirky; odd
Gaunt emaciated; bony and angular
Inviolable cannot be invaded
Morose gloomy; bad tempered
Persnickety fastidious; fussy
Ramifications branches; subdivisions of a complex system; outcomes
Stringent strict or severe
Volatile dangerously unstable; evaporates easily