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Word List 9

Word List-9

Group 1
Bane troublesome influence
Condone tacitly support; overlook
Eclectic taking things from different sources
Genre a category; type
Irascible easily angered
Mundane ordinary; worldly
Perpetuated caused to continue
Rancor resentment; animosity; bad feeling
Strut swagger; show off
Voluble talkative

Group 2
Bard poet
Condoning overlooking; disregarding; ignoring
Edifice building; structure; construction
Germane relevant
Ire anger [irate (a) = very angry]
Munificent generous; charitable
Perpetuity eternity
Rant use bombastic language
Stupefying astonishing; shocking; stunning into silence
Voluminous very large; spacious

Group 3
Bastion fortress; stronghold
Conflagration big fire
Efface wipe out; remove all trace of
Germinal just growing; not developed; immature
Irksome annoying; infuriating
Mutinous very rebellious
Personable attractive
Ratify approve; consent
Subpoena summons to court
Voracious ravenous

Group 4
Befuddle confuse
Confound confuse
Effigy a model of a person
Gibbering making meaningless noises
Ironic satiric; unexpected
Myriad in large numbers
Perspicacious insightful; sharp; wise
Raucous rough and unpleasant (of sounds)
Substantiate give supporting evidence
Waive surrender; give up

Group 5
Begrudge resent
Congeal to solidify
Effusive gushing; demonstrative
Glacial hostile; unfriendly; cold; icy
Irrational unreasonable; absurd
Navigable suitable for sailing
Perspicacity insight
Raze destroy; demolish; tear down
Subterfuge a trick
Wane grow less

Group 6
Beguile mislead; lure
Congenital present from birth
Egalitarianism belief in equality
Goad prod; urge
Irreproachable cannot be criticized; perfect
Nebulous vague
Pertinent relevant
Rebuttal denial
Subtle not obvious
Wary hesitant; cautious

Group 7
Belabor explain in unnecessary detail
Connoisseur person with refined taste and good judgment
Egregious outstandingly, obviously bad
Grate (v) 1. to annoy; aggravate; vex; 2. shred
Irrevocable cannot be cancelled; unchangeable
Nefarious wicked; immoral; disreputable
Peruse read carefully
Recant disclaim; retract statement
Subversive rebellious; revolutionary
Wax to increase; to grow

Group 8
Beleaguer besiege; attack
Consecrate dedicate
Egress exit
Gratis free of charge; without payment
Itinerant nomadic; wandering from place to place
Negate cancel; deny
Pervasive spreading everywhere
Recapitulate summarize
Succinct concise
Waylay accost; stop; approach; hinder

Group 9
Belie contradict
Consensus general agreement
Eloquent fluent and persuasive in speech
Gratuitous unwarranted
Jaded tired; bored; worn out
Negligence carelessness
Petrify 1. terrify; 2. turn to stone
Receptacle container; vessel; holder
Suffragist someone who campaigns for voting rights
Weighty serious

Group 10
Belittle to demean
Conspicuous easily seen; prominent
Elucidate make clear
Gravity seriousness
Jargon specialized language used by experts
Neologism newly coined word
Petulant sulky; peevish
Recluse someone who cuts himself off from life
Supercilious proud and haughty
Whelp young dog