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Digital Marketing Challenge

Digital Marketing Challenge -

Social media and digital marketing are the future of marketing. Most brands are now extremely active on the social media and are continuously trying to attract new customers and engage them.

If you think you have the ability to use the social media effectively and help companies succeed, the Digital Marketing Challenge by is the right thing for you. is an online platform for school students to discover, improve and showcase their skills on a global platform. Every student is special, but for a lot of reasons we do not see the full potential of students come to fruition. On, students discover their potential through quizzes and competitions, improve their skills through articles and educational games, and showcase their exceptional skills by submitting their works in multiple areas. Our mission is to help every student bring out the all-rounder in him/ her and play a very important role in the growth of the nation.

We believe that painting is as important a skill as solving a numerical problem. Solving a numerical problem is as important as doing a crossword right. With this belief and conviction, we set out to provide school students a global platform that not only provides them opportunities to improve their knowledge, but also helps them widen their horizon. The changing times require a new model of learning that incentivizes students to learn and improve.

Competition Details:

We believe that we can achieve our mission only when like-minded individuals like YOU support us. We invite digital marketing enthusiasts to participate in the Digital Marketing Challenge and help us achieve our mission. The task of this challenge is to get the highest possible registrations on the website. If you believe that is a platform that is helpful to school students, we would be happy to have you on board.

Each contributor will be given a unique URL that they will have to spread to as many students as possible. Contributor who gets the maximum registrations will be awarded a prize. Top three contributors will be made the brand evangelists for

The participants can use their social media accounts, emails, LinkedIn etc to get to parents/ students.

Guidelines and Terms:

  1. Minimum no. of registrations >= 300 from different ip addresses to be eligible for the prize.
  2. Contributors can use any of the social media to reach out to students/ parents.
  3. Contributors can even reach out to principals/ administrators of schools through LinkedIn or their own personal network.
  • FIRST PRIZE: INR 3,000
  • THIRD PRIZE: INR 1,000
  • If you cross 1,000 points, you will get mobile recharge for INR 500
  • Top 50 students get T-Shirts or Bags
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