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Artificial Intelligence

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Description :

This video lecture series by Prof. P. Dasgupta, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, I.I.T,kharagpur includes Introduction, Problem Solving by Search, Searching with Costs, Informed State Space Search, Heuristic Search- A* and Beyond, Problem Reduction Search: AND-OR Graphs, Searching Game Trees, Knowledge Based Systems: Logic and Deduction, First Order Logic, Inference in First Order Logic, Resolution - Refutation Proofs, Logic Programming-Prolog, Introduction to Planning, Partial Order Planning, GraphPLAN and SATPlan, Reasoning Under Uncertainity, Bayesian Networks, Neural Networks and more...


Problem Solving by Search

Searching with Costs

Informed State Space Search

Heuristic Search: A* and Beyond

Problem Reduction Search: AND/OR Graphs

Searching Game Trees

Knowledge Based Systems: Logic and Deduction

First Order Logic

Inference in First Order Logic

Resolution - Refutation Proofs

Resolution Refutation Proofs

Logic Programming : Prolog

Prolog Programming

Prolog: Exercising Control

Additional Topics

Introduction to Planning

Partial Order Planning

GraphPLAN and SATPlan


Reasoning Under Uncertainity

Bayesian Networks

Reasoning with Bayes Networks

Reasoning with Bayes networks continued

Reasoning Under Uncertainity: Issues

Learning : Decision Trees

Learning : Neural Networks

Back Propagation Learning