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Digital Marketing Challenge

Digital Marketing Challenge -

Thanks for your interest in the Digital Marketing Challenge. If you think you have the ability to use the social media effectively and help companies succeed, the Digital Marketing Challenge by is the right thing for you.Your task is pretty straight forward. Once you register, you will get a unique link that you have to promote on social media as to reach maximum people.

You can use facebook, whatsapp, twitter, google+, email or any other channel and spread the link to as many people as you can. You can type in your own message or you could also use the following message as it is and share it on your different social media accounts.

Guidelines and Terms:

  1. POINTS: One point for every Click and five points for every registration
  2. Clicks or registrations from the same ip address will be counted as only one
  3. Contributors can use any of the social media to reach out to students/ parents.
  4. Contributors can even reach out to principals/ administrators of schools through LinkedIn or their own personal network.
  • FIRST PRIZE: INR 3,000
  • THIRD PRIZE: INR 1,000

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