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Photography Entries

flowers makes our full of colours
flowers makes our full of colours
Life in an IIM is like this plant, We find opportunities even through a crack between the concrete tiles.
B-School life is all about finding time to dance in rain with a dozen deadlines on your head.
Russian man was explaining the paradigm shift in the auditorium and I was sneaking through the window for the eternal sunshine.
At SPJIMR - opportunity to work with an NGO. Picture from the slums.
Kunwara Bhivsen place near the Nagpur having abundant natural beauty.
Learning is the product of activity of learners - Something I realized when I came across this hard.
The love for flight
Farewell, bash at college.
One fine morning in IIT Kgp.
During our course of MBA in SPJIMR, we visited the University of Texas at Austin. Near the campus, I found these chained wheels, kept by the students.
Sometimes...u have to see from someone else's lens to see things clearly
4 years, 8 semester ,number of assignments, low cgpa but One life.
Beauty lies everywhere. We just have to find the right way to look at it.