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Introduction is an attempt to bring out the all rounder in every student. Every student is special, but for a lot of reasons we do not see the full potential of students come to fruition. is a platform for college students to learn new things, participate in competitions and also showcase their exceptional skills in multiple activities.

The company was founded by IIM Graduates and senior technical professionals from the USA. We will bring the best of different education systems to help the students become well rounded individuals.

Articles written by industry experts on the various career choices available

  • In depth information
  • Weekly chat sessions where students can post questions and get answers
  • Interviews of people from different career paths
  • Updates regarding competitive exams and tips to help students perform better
  • Diagnostic tests to help students check their current performance levels
  • Access to top performers in tests like GRE, CAT, GATE and others
  • Updates from the industry on the hiring trends and things that need to be done by the students to improve their employability
  • Online forums where students can post questions and get answers
  • Student associations of various US Universities
  • Employees from all major companies in India Top performers in various competitive exams
  • All the content is moderated and curated by the team
  • Recruiters provide insights into what companies are looking for in potential employees
  • Provides all the support that is required for the students before it is too late
  • Helps the students make informed choices rather than blindly following someone
  • Webinars with professionals from the industry
  • Experiences of previous students shared with all the students

At, we believe that there are three main aspects of a student's development

  1. Discovery of Skills
  2. Improvement of Skills
  3. Showcasing of Skills

We judge ourselves by the contribution we make in each student's life. Let the students be judged for their all round skills and not just one aspect of education. The world will certainly be a better place.

To us, "Education is still a quest for knowledge and not a quest for marks."