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Management Intern

Managment Intern is a website that helps college students during the most important stage of their careers. The website posts detailed information about various career paths helping students plan their careers and make informed decisions.
Apart from this, also has the following:

  1. Competitions: Students can participate in competitions like programming, projects, paper presentation, photography, short films etc.
  2. Events: Information about events across the country
  3. Internships: Internships to improve your practical knowledge and understanding
  4. Forums: Have a Doubt? Why wait? Post the question and get answers from your peers as well as experts. Get Enlightened.

Role Description

We are looking for Management Interns who have a passion to help students grow in their careers.

The major responsibilities are:

  1. Spreading the brand to more colleges and students across the country using multiple channels
  2. Identifying and speaking to companies that we can partner with
  3. Collecting feedback from students and companies to improve engagement with students
  • INR 10,000 per month and a lot of good Karma :). Travel and other allowances will be provided.
  • The role requires travelling within the city, speaking to partner companies.
  • Send your resumes to to apply